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      AnB Education helped me adapt to school and life in the United States, and with them, the past four years I spent in the United States were truly joyous and valuable. AnB Education not only promotes education among students and gives educational guidance but also holds student meetings and ¬field trips which permits students to enjoy their leisure time and relieve stress. With AnB Education, I am no longer alone, no longer incompetent, and no longer lost in this distant country.
      From Ben Ju (Kangwondo, Korea)–4th year with AnB Education

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      Ben Ju

      Congratulations to our recent seniors! Happy graduation!
      Recent AnB Education graduates were accepted by many excellent universities and colleges.

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      Ahn Vu.

      “I am really happy to work with AnB Education because they are nice and dedicated. It was AnB Education who helped me fi¬nd several host families and I chose which one was the best ¬fit for me. Also, AnB Education supervises how we are doing at school and report correctly to our parents. One thing I have to talk about is that my local coordinator is awesome! She always asks us where we want to have fun, taking us to ice skating, a movie, Chinatown, auto shows etc.”
      From Xuedi Wang (Beijing, China)-2nd year with AnB Education

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      Xuedi W.